My Pantry

I have to say, being a newlywed, the best place to shop for a household of two is at Trader Joe’s. Everything is proportional for a small family and they bring in amazing new products each week. Not to mention, they are so good with bringing in seasonal fruits and vegetables!

I always carry specific products in my pantry and fridge just incase  I need a go-to or if I need something to spice up my dish.

Here are my top 20 Kitchen Staples:

Basmati White or Brown Rice
Regular or Rice Pasta
Frozen Ravioli or Tortellini
Canned Beans or Dry Beans
Whole Wheat Bread or Pita
Grains (Quinoa, Cous-cous, or Lentils)
Fresh or Dried Herbs
Chicken (Fresh or Frozen)
Ground Beef (Fresh or Frozen)
Canned Tuna
Dried Fruit & Nuts
Powders (Garlic, Onion, Tumeric, Curry)
Salad Mix (Arugula, Spinach or Romaine)

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