Many of you have questions and concerns about food and how-to’s in the kitchen. I will update this section as I go with any questions you have and tips I can give you all that will be helpful. But to start here are a few:

  • The proper way to store onions and potatoes is in a cool dark place such as a drawer.
  • If your berries or bananas are on the verge of going bad, freeze them for smoothies.
  • After chopping garlic, rub your hands on your stainless steel sink, it will remove the odor.
  • Make life easier, when making pasta sauce or meat sauce, freeze a portion for those last minute go-to dinners.
  • Don’t over spend on groceries you don’t know you will use. Make a meal plan for the week and shop around that list.
  • The best salt to use when cooking is Kosher Salt.
  • After cooking fish or bacon in the kitchen, boil a small pot of vinegar, it will take the smell away.

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