{Boutique Catering} How to Brunch

Brunch 15

What is Brunch? Do you know how to brunch? Check out this fairly recent event we catered for and get some ideas for hosting your OWN brunch!

This past December, my partner in crime, Debbie & I catered a charming Birthday Brunch in Beverly Hills for an amazing client. Also, with help of my talented sister Melina, who did most of the planning, gave the brunch some character by creating lovely themed name tags for each dish and some other mood setting decorations. What I love most about Brunch is that you can serve whatever your heart desires. From something light to something filling, you have that option because you are giving your guests a variety of dishes to choose from. After all, it’s between breakfast and lunch. If you are planning on hosting a brunch, here are some essentials that definitely should be on your list:

  • Variety of pastries & breads – Crossiants, Puff Pastry, Muffins, Bagels & Fresh Baguettes
  • Cheese Platter – St. Andre, Roquefort Bleu Cheese, Humboldt Fog Goat Cheese, Camembert, Etc.
  • Charcuterie – Sausages, Dried Meats, Pâtés, Terrines
  • Smoked Fish – Lox, Smoked Trout & Mackerel
  • Fruit
  • Salads
  • Meats & Poultry – Roast Chicken, Prime Rib, Pork Loin, Lamb
  • Desserts
  • Mimosas, Bellini’s, & Bloody Mary’s

Good Luck and Happy Brunching! 🙂

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Chef Alina
Los Angeles, CA

2 thoughts on “{Boutique Catering} How to Brunch

  1. I love your style! The pictures are incredible. The set up, the ornament labels, the candles, and the food look amazing. I went to scouts and you were one of my leaders and it’s so nice to see so much passion behind your work. You should definitely do party planning :))))!
    XOXO, Sisian

    • Hey Sisian! Thank you! Hope you are doing good 🙂 miss you! We have a events and catering company called XVII Events & Catering, follow us on Instagram @xviievents. Thank you for the support! 🙂

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