{Boutique Catering} Girls Sunday Luncheon

Check out the recent event I did for a Sunday Luncheon for girls who have  a love for books!

Ever so often, I am asked to cater small events and I have to say it is my favorite thing to do! I call these events Boutique Catering. Not only do the guests eat amazing food, but because the event is small, I can focus more on the menu, add in more details, and create delicious dishes that leave everyone happy!

This luncheon was for a group of girls who meet every month, once a month, for their book club. I thought this was so cute, who does book clubs nowadays!?  So I wanted to make sure the menu was sophisticated and elegant yet, fun at the same time!  My focus on this event was fresh ingredients and light food. No one wants to fall asleep during a book club meeting after eating heavy carb focused food. Salads and cute mini subs satisfied everyones hunger. Onion sprouts added a nice flare to my subs while for my salads, I roasted beets marinated with herbs topped with grapefruit segments and avocado. Along with other dishes, they also had a nice Burrata and Heirloom Tomato salad and an Arugula salad with Prosciutto and Pomegranate seeds. It is always important to serve food that is right for the purpose of the party. Serving veggie platters, chips and salsa and pasta salad add no character to your gathering. With just a little focus and research, the unique dishes at your event will keep your guests happy and give them an amazing experience! Enjoy the pictures!

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