Delicious Corn Fritter & Shrimp Salad

corn fritter 3

It’s not often that you go to a restaurant and order an amazing Corn Fritter dish.Ā Corn fritters are so simple to make yet so easy to disappoint. So, I decided to come up with an amazing recipe that would send anyones drama out the door! šŸ˜‰

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Fresh Corn SautƩ

Fresh CornAre you tired of the same old sides to serve at Thanksgiving!? Impress your guests with this Fresh Corn SautƩ as a side and they will finish it all! Continue reading

JalapeƱo Cheddar Cornbread

Regular cornbread can get boring after a while, which is why I added an extra kick this year to jazz things up! JalapeƱo Cheddar Cornbread, spicyness from the jalapeƱo and some sweetness from the corn, the perfect combination for this Thanksgiving dish! Continue reading